For most of you it´s probably the first time you´ve to address this question: “How should I proceed renting a bus service in Asturias and Northern Spain?” Keep calm and enjoy the reading since we´re here in Autocares Cabranes to help you with that need.

Request a bus/coach service is not a common task for many people on their day-to-day basis but it´s also true, that specially when travelling abroad, you´ll meet several questions in that case , ie: what bus company should I trust in? What cost should I expect? How to know if the price given is fair enough? What kind of bus will I need? How to set schedule and stopovers? And a long list of additional questions.

Most of these questions shall demand a trustworthy and professional bus company giving you answers, helping you to meet your needs and to find a really competitive cost.

This is the way we understand mobility, travel services and passengers transportation in Autocares Cabranes since 1945, being awarded as “Bus Company of the Year” in 2007, and providing transportation to thousands of passengers and travelers daily on their school or university rides, company trips and transfers, cruises shuttles, wedding or events services, commuting or made-to-measure services. It is also our corporate goal to provide safety, sustainable and accessible mobility bus services for everybody meeting our quality and comfort coach transportation standards.

Hence when to face our tittle question currently from Autocares Cabranes we offer you 4 different ways to contact us (with the firm commitment of coming back to you in less of 24 working hours):

  • You can request a quote online on our website
  • You can message us using our direct quotes address
  • Or you can use our Instagram & Linkedin corporate profiles to find out more about us
  • Last but not least you can also call us on our customer services phones (+34) 985890761/985166090/660490411 (English speaking on demand)

We´ll try to do our best giving you advise and helping you through any of these channels to give the best options in order to meet your transportation and travel needs.

You can also check online our fleet interiors through virtual tours and select additional equipment as WC, tables or WIFI connection onboard as well as demand a vehicle meeting most advanced environmental requirements or wheelchair access.

Our Traffic and Commercial departments will be in charge of any of your demands as well as will provide you info about your booking, itinerary and travel indications. Meeting our quality and booking policy you will be also informed about the bus you´ll rent, your driver for the coach service, legal conditions and the payment terms too.

Finally you´ll have access to our online quality survey as well as the email address in order to share with us your comments and queries which will help us to improve our service for future needs.

Looking forward to having you onboard soon.

Best regards !!!

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