Our Fleet

Autocares Cabranes have a fleet of 30 luxury coaches and microbuses under 3 years old.
Autocares Cabranes has always been recognised in the sector as a company with one of the safest, most modern and innovative fleets.

One of the key principles regarding the product strategy of the company has been to offer its customers the most advanced features available.

Committed to quality.

At present, Autocares Cabranes offers a fleet of 30 luxury coaches and microbuses on average under 3 years old, positioning itself at the forefront of the sector both at the Asturian and national level. Also, there is an optimal capacity offer going from 16 to 70 passengers.

In our fleet you can find luxury microbuses to state-of-the-art coaches with top-of-the-line finishings, while including buses responding to all types of transport needs.

The continuous renewal policy seeks to include the latest comforts – top quality seats, maximum ergonomics, internal LED lighting, greater visibility windows, length increase improving space between seats, etc. – and technologies, being pioneers regarding onboard WIFI deployment or in the inclusion of vehicles with platform for persons with reduced mobility.

Likewise, commitment to the environment forms an essential part in the operations and strategy of Autocares Cabranes. Therefore, almost half of its fleet already complies with the highest standards in environmental legislation at the European level – Euro 6 and AdBlue – at present, making this fleet the one most committed to and respectful with sustainable mobility in its market.

VIP Microbuses up to 15 seats

VIP Microbuses

Up to 15 seats
Microbuses up to 25 seats


Up to 25 seats
Minibuses up to 45 seats


Up to 45 seats
Coaches up to 55 seats


Up to 55 seats
Coaches over 55 seats


Over 55 seats

Equipment in Our Coaches

We present a brief description of the main features regarding safety, comfort and innovation each segment has to make your journey a true experience. In compliance with our policy for continuous renewal and a modern fleet, our commitment is to extend the highest feature levels to the entire fleet.


  • Seatbelts 100% 100%
  • EC-66 anti-rollover system 100% 100%
  • ABS/ASR systems 100% 100%
  • Double glazing 95% 95%
  • Lane departure detector 75% 75%


  • Automatic climate control – Heat/Cold 100% 100%
  • Safety seat and extra comfort 100% 100%
  • Footrest 95% 95%
  • Refrigerator 90% 90%
  • WC 75% 75%


  • Via-T 100% 100%
  • USB ports 95% 95%
  • 19″ screens 90% 90%
  • LED-lit signs 90% 90%
  • Onboard WIFI 65% 65%


  • Euro 4 standard or higher 100% 100%
  • Euro 6 standard – most demanding environmental regulation in Europe 80% 80%
  • AdBlue fuel to reduce combustion gas emissions 80% 80%


  • Kneeling*  50% 50%
  • PMR** 20% 20%

* Kneeling is the Kneeling System, enabling access to the coach by leaning down when boarding and disembarking.
** Access platforms for people with reduced mobility (PMR) and percentage of seats reserved for disabled people making it one of the pioneering companies in the deployment of these features at the national level.

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