Corporate Social Responsibility

Autocares Cabranes considers it essential to contribute towards the development of our surrounding environment, participating in social and environmental initiatives.
From its start, Autocares Cabranes has believed it essential to return to its environment a part of all it receives from this. Therefore, to a greater or lesser extent, it has always intended to participate in any activity that contributes towards the social, economic and cultural development of its citizens.
Many associations, foundations, sports clubs and groups of different natures represent the cases of collaboration with which Autocares Cabranes intends, partly, to contribute towards the sustainable and socially responsible development of its surrounding environment.

In the same way, Autocares Cabranes is committed to participate in any initiative which, due to its solidarity, helps improve the conditions of those most in need, while contributing towards preserving the conditions of its surroundings by means of its environmental policy.

In April 2017, Autocares Cabranes joined the #tefaltaalgo campaign promoted by the Mapfre Foundation to raise awareness of the use of the safety belt on board. In this way it is one of the first 10 transport companies in Spain to promote and divulge such praiseworthy purpose.

Autocares Cabranes, official sponsor of the Club Deportivo Lealtad.

Since the mid-90s, Autocares Cabranes contributes to a greater or lesser extent towards sponsoring the Club Deportivo Lealtad, a historic football team of Villaviciosa since 1916. Since its last rise to the bronze Spanish football category in 2014, Autocares Cabranes is the official transport company of the club in Second Division B throughout Spain.

Our most classic bus, a 1973 Mercedes Benz.

Also as a way of preserving the historical heritage, Autocares Cabranes has performed different actions such as the refurbishment and update of a unique classic 1973 Mercedes Benz model due to its motor and bodywork, with very few of them in existence in Spain.

In its current perfect state both inside and outside, Autocares Cabranes currently contributes in a socially responsible manner by allowing for its use and collaborating with this vehicle at exhibitions, sessions and activities in its surrounding environment.

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